Second Annual International Branch Banking Employee Survey

White Paper

2021 Industry Trends in Branch Staffing and Employee Experiences

Reflexis Systems polled 1,228 branch bank employees across ten countries to gain insights into branch strategy and transformation.

We examined trends in:

  • Branch scheduling processes and tools
  • Branch execution and efficiency
  • Branch communications
Download the results today and discover opportunities to improve employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity across your network.
Explore our additional resources:
Reflexis is excited to continue our video series, with deep dives into key topics within the world of Workforce Management. This second video in the series covers multi-site scheduling – why you should do it, what it’s worth to your bottom line, and what to think about when implementing the change.
View our digital debate discussing the trends and opportunities to maximize the return from the branch network. Key Topics will include: Optimizing the Network Staffing Mix and Roles Empowering Staff and Choreographing Activities Integrating Appointments.
This is an infographic showing the the financial impact of implementing modern workforce management tools.

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