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As many federal agencies continue to spend significant portions of their warehouse budgets to maintain legacy systems—and to use operating systems that could be creating new security concerns—the pressure is on to modernize.  That’s why more and more government warehouse operators are taking steps to upgrade to technologies that run on the enterprise-grade Android operating system. 
Why Switch to Android?
The world’s most popular operating system, Android, is familiar to your workers and intuitive to use right out of the box. It’s transforming today’s warehouse, providing a simpler, more versatile, and more affordable platform on which to drive improvements in efficiency and security.

Zebra offers the widest range of enterprise-optimized Android devices, purpose-built to automate processes and simplify operations. With a whole suite of applications that can help you accelerate every workflow with an added layer of security, Zebra devices are secure for use in government enterprise environments.
Meeting the Federal Mandate
Check out the important benefits that government warehouses will realize by upgrading to Zebra Android devices.
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Create New Efficiencies 
Zebra Android devices are available in a wide range of form factors - from handhelds and wearables to vehicle-mounted computers – and can help you improve visibility, accuracy and productivity across your warehouse operations. 
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Transition Your Terminal Emulation Apps to Android
With Zebra’s All-Touch Terminal Emulation (TE) you can transform your green screens into fully interactive graphic screens that maximize task simplicity, workforce productivity and overall operational efficiency.
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Improve Security and Lifecycle Management
Zebra’s Mobility DNA make our Android devices truly government ready. With Mx, you get enterprise-class features ensure reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, accelerate data capture, improve device management and safeguard data and information. 

Build Your Android Warehouse Solution
With Zebra’s devices, you can customize a solution that best fits your supply chain needs. 
MC9300 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer
The MC9300 mobile computer is the industry’s gold standard for inventory and asset management in demanding environments. It features a rugged design that enables reliable performance despite drops on concrete, sub-zero cold, extreme heat, dust and exposure to splashing liquids. 
TC8300 Touch Computer
With its high-powered processor and sizable memory, the TC8300 makes the migration to Android painless. Its innovative design minimizes the need to “tilt and verify,” so workers can more efficiently manage everyday processes at your warehouse.
VC8300 Vehicle-Mounted Computer
Make the move to Android without changing the user experience of your material handling vehicles. The VC80x is designed for use in the most extreme environments, packed with capabilities that boost productivity and task accuracy.
WT6300 Wearable Computer
Small and lightweight, the WT6000 combines hands-free mobility and one-of-a-kind capabilities that can help you replace complexity with productivity.
Handheld RFID Readers and RFID-Enabled Scanners
From warehouses and loading docks to indoor environments, our handheld RAIN RFID readers and RFID-enabled scanners help you achieve maximum visibility into your assets.
RFID Printers
Your solution depends on reliable data. With the industry’s widest range of printers you can accurately print and encode RAIN RFID labels, tags and cards where and when you need them. Factory- or field-installable RFID encoding capability means you can meet your evolving needs for years to come.
ET51 Enterprise Tablet
Give your workers the benefits of consumer styling and all the enterprise-class capabilities they need. Designed to last for years, the ET51 delivers exceptional battery power, rapid capture of nearly any type of data and a range of accessories that make it easy to customize the perfect solution for your operation.
L10 Enterprise Tablets
The L10 rugged tablets are the ultimate 10.1-inch family of go-anywhere tablets. Lightweight, waterproof and dustproof, the L10 Series has all the power and big screen real estate of a laptop with the portability of a tablet.

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