A Smarter Healthcare
Scheduling Solution

Improve Nurse Satisfaction and
Lower Labor Costs

A 2019 report by Sage Journals confirms what you suspected: The greater control nurses have over their schedules the happier they are about their jobs. But no matter how hard you try, you end up with misaligned schedules that frustrate your staff and take up manager’s days with time-consuming edits and ad-hoc fixes.

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A Smarter Healthcare Scheduling Solution

Despite your best attempts, does this sound familiar?

The Puzzle

The Puzzle

You spend hours trying to place the right number of staff with the right credentials at the right location

The Disappointment

The Disappointment

  • Unsatisfactory schedules
  • Constant rework
  • A scramble to fill in gaps
  • Annoyed staff
  • Reliance on temp workers
The Impact

The Impact

  • Dissatisfied patients
  • Low morale
  • High turnover
  • Excessive labor costs
  • Compromised care

What do Higher Retention, Savings and
Compliance Have in Common?

Zebra Reflexis Scheduling

Our mission at Zebra is to eliminate your unnecessary workarounds. That’s why we invested in Reflexis to bring its machine learning and Ai-powered staff scheduling into the fold of our leading healthcare portfolio. Afterall, solving staffing issues can go far to solve challenges across your entire healthcare organization.

Relieve and Retain Nurses

Relieve and Retain Nurses

Instantly create a schedule that saves you hours of work and provides each department with the right mix of accredited staff. Your nurses will thank you for the flexibility, convenience and control they gain and wonder how you manage to accommodate their preferences for shifts, locations and support.

Make scheduling easier
Decrease Labor Costs

Decrease Labor Costs

Why pay for unnecessary overtime and agency temps, when you can resolve scheduling challenges with your existing workforce? It’s finally feasible and effortless with Zebra Reflexis. Let us show you how to better manage overtime and overspending and recoup losses from inefficiencies, now and in the future.

Reduce expenses
Minimize Risks

Minimize Risks

It is easier to maintain labor compliance and still have the right number of staff at the right time in the right place. Our technology leading solution aligns with ever-changing patient-acuity loads, regulations, and accreditation requirements. And most importantly, by having the right staff on hand, you minimize patient risk.

Improve staff levels

You’ve dedicated years to healthcare
—so have we

For more than half a century, we’ve been innovating solutions that ease complexity and unburden your frontline workers.

1.2 million employees scheduled daily

Zebra Reflexis schedules
1.2 million
employees scheduled daily

5,000+ successful successful implementations

5,000+ successful successful implementations

1,000+ healthcare facilities worldwide

healthcare facilities worldwide

A healthcare advisory board

A healthcare advisory board

Continual R&D, accruing more than 4,000 patents

Continual R&D, accruing more than 4,000 patents

50+ years of excellence

50+ years
of excellence

Take back your day and find time for bigger contributions

Let’s restore your control and attention on care.