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Want to build a better customer experience? From components to ready-to-deploy options, we have a scan engine for any application and any budget. Answer eight simple questions to discover which are right for you – summarized in a convenient report.

1.What Kind of Device
Are You Designing?


2.How would you characterize it?

Consider who will use the scan engine and how often.


3.What Types of Data
Will the Device Read?


4.What scanning range
would you prefer?


5.What Are Your Device’s
Inner Workings?

Don’t know? Don’t worry. Select the option you’ll most likely use in the future.


6.Choose Your Device’s Interface

How will the scan engine communicate to your device?


7.Which Kind of Aimer
Do You Want?


8.What Else Does Your Device
Need to Capture?

Customized Report:

Your Top 11 Scan Engine Selections

Based on your responses, this report reveals how you can build more powerful devices and customer experiences. Fill out the form to see which scan engine components and ready-to-deploy options will give your users the performance edge.