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Are New Plastic Regulations
Keeping You Up?

We've got you covered with our
simple plastics automation system.
Welcome to our RFID Solution for QSR's Microsite.

With legislation, net zero initiatives and consumer expectations in mind, quick service restaurants are moving to reusable plastics.

When it comes to legislation, and demonstrating progress, you’ll need to count how many times your plastic items have been used, recycle them when necessary and prevent them ending up in landfill. 

We know… It’s a lot to ask of your teams in busy restaurants. 

But we’ve got you covered with a simple and ready to go system to automate your plastics management. 

Our simple, highly automated RFID solution helps you comply with legislation around plastics waste and accelerate your net zero initiatives. With it you can: 

  • Track how many times items have been reused
  • Track items as they leave for washing and are returned to your restaurants
  • Know when customers have placed reusable items in bins
  • Seamlessly create audit trails to demonstrate compliance with legislation
  • Reduce costs
  • Engage customers with your sustainability drive

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