Identify Issues. Act Immediately. Overhaul Performance.

Identify Issues.
Act Immediately.
Overhaul Performance.

See how course-correcting automation
saves the day

  • Translate operational data into concrete insights and actions.
  • Know what to tackle, where, why and by whom.
  • Ensure frontline worker consistency across all your stores.

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics

Target Leaks. Take Action. Confirm Results.

Harness a closed-loop solution that not only pinpoints issues but solves them — all on its own. Discover how the AI-powered Zebra Prescriptive Analytics (ZPA) solution offers both guidance and immediate problem resolution.

Effortless Improvement
Effortless Improvement
Save the time and costs of pulling reports, analyzing data, prioritizing and emailing stores to execute. Let ZPA automatically deduce cost-saving opportunities and send corrective actions directly to your frontline.
Frontline Guidance
Frontline Guidance
Minimize your administrative workload while maximizing profit margins. ZPA provides conclusive, unbiased guidance to avoid human misinterpretation of data and takes on the burden of continual decision management.
Execution Certainty
Execution Certainty
Rest easy knowing that corrective action is already being taken upon your identified opportunities. Receive real-time confirmation when the correct follow-up action has been executed by your associates.
Something For Everyone
Something For Everyone
Improve just about anything in retail across both departments and stores — from associate errors to overt theft to mis-executed promotions and mispriced inventory — all with one integrated software that scales with ease.

Download the Brochure

Download the Brochure

Lift revenue and inventory accuracy with ZPA’s highly intelligent course-corrective actions.

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One Highly Accurate, Closed-Loop Solution

Drive continual improvement and store benefits through a scalable, closed-loop system that learns and even improves itself over time. With automated accuracy, ZPA removes ambiguity, cutting through the clutter of reports and data to reveal what matters most.

One Highly Accurate, Closed-Loop Solution
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One Highly Accurate, Closed-Loop Solution

Drive continual improvement and store benefits through a scalable, closed-loop system that learns and even improves itself over time. With automated accuracy, ZPA removes ambiguity, cutting through the clutter of reports and data to reveal what matters most.

One Highly Accurate, Closed-Loop Solution
Uncover Anomalies

Uncover Anomalies

Relentless in its pursuit of discrepancies, ZPA saves you loads of time and labor expense by continually sifting through your operational data and running its own analysis — day and night.

Prioritize Issues

Prioritize Issues

Ensure you’re tackling the most important issues first with a platform that sorts and assigns a proposed monetary value to each problem it uncovers.

Determine and Recommend a Solution

Determine and Recommend a Solution

Eliminate tedious extra work by relying on ZPA to analyze and come up with the most ideal and cost-effective way to solve the problem without any need for human intervention or analysis.

Direct Worker to Take Corrective Action

Direct Worker to Take Corrective Action

Allow ZPA to handle the administrative work and push notifications directly to the ideal frontline worker to solve them.

Notify Retailer of Completed Task

Notify Retailer of Completed Task

Forget chasing down people to confirm task completion. ZPA removes the guesswork by notifying you once a task has been fulfilled and offering a final monetary value of the corrective action.

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Inventory Module

Maximize Inventory Performance at Every Level

Solving inventory problems doesn’t need to be a complex mystery of endless possibilities. Now you can spot and fix inventory inconsistencies a thousand miles away or just around the corner. With the ZPA Inventory Module, you’ll be able to analyze all anomalies, whether they’re coming from your vendors, suppliers or stores and instantly know the root cause and next best action to take.

Areas in Which Customers Have Seen Improvements

Fraud Cases
Clerical Errors
Inventory Allocation
On-shelf Availability
Vendor Mishaps

$750,000 recouped in efficient allocation

ZPA’s Inventory Module identified inefficient allocation of popular products, increasing on-shelf availability for store operations.

$1,250 recouped per week from employee fraud

A national beauty supply chain identified the use of unauthorized discounts, adding thousands in annual losses back to the bottom line.

$1M saved in DSD mis-execution

ZPA identified vendor noncompliance around direct store deliveries, recouping credits from negligent partners and increasing vendor performance.

Download the Inventory Module Brochure

Download the Inventory Module Brochure

Minimize out-of-stocks, optimize labor and elevate customer experience.

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Sales Module

Find Hidden Profit Leaks

Identify and address profit leakage hiding within siloed data sets related to your assets, facilities, point of sale, and other areas of operations. With ZPA’s automated, AI-driven, closed-loop Sales Module, you’ll close more investigations faster, with far fewer false positives, and gain a built-in way to monitor assigned follow-up all the way through to completion.

Areas in Which Customers Have Seen Improvements

Clerical Errors
Technical Glitches
Employee Fraud Detection
Monitoring Rewards

6.9% percent sales lift

ZPA identified a peer-to-peer upselling and cross-selling opportunity for a hardline retailer, increasing the average number of items per transaction.

$700,000 in restitution paid

ZPA identified and broke up an organized employee crime ring exploiting refunds, helping recoup full restitution.

$1M saved in loyalty rewards

ZPA identified and directed fixes for an unknown loyalty-rewards glitch, mitigating future risk of fraud.

Download the Sales Module Brochure

Download the Sales Module Brochure

Dive into the art of automated anomaly identification to uncover how the ZPA Sales Module enables better margin protection, increased revenue and reduced shrink, while decreasing your overall administrative workload.

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Surpass the Limitations of Others

Compare ZPA to EBR and Business Intelligence Solutions

ZPA isn't just for loss prevention
Looks for loss prevention opportunities
Looks for inventory anomalies
Offers cost-free changes to algorithms
Dedicates analysts to your account
Provides a closed feedback loop confirming execution
Rapid to deploy
ZPA is more than insight — it’s action
Provides analytics and reports
Deep analysis and prioritization of anomalies
Automatically assigns corrective action and tracks execution
Saves time by pushing reports and alerts
Alleviates IT burdens
Rapid to deploy

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