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RFID in The Automotive Sector

Learn how to comply with requirements of your automotive manufacturers by labelling your components with RFID tags

Labelling automotive components is critical in the manufacturing process. Discover how to take advantage of RFID.

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Satisfy your Automobile Manufacturer Delivery Mandates

Zebra has been implementing RFID parts tracking with automotive manufacturers. Together, we have defined optimal RFID solutions, see below.

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ZT600 & ZT400 Industrial Printers and ZQ630 RFID Mobile Printers
Built for rugged environments and demanding RFID applications, with cloud connectivity and field upgrades.

Zebra Certified Supplies
Using inlays from leading manufacturers to meet your needs, Zebra offers 40+ labels in stock with custom sizes and materials.

MC3300R and MC3390R RFID Handheld Readers
Rugged design, built for maximum uptime, lightweight, superior RFID read range and best-in-class receiver sensitivity for greater read accuracy.

Gain a tightly integrated RFID platform that not only enables compliance but enables valuable insights to fuel transformation and automation of processes for efficiency to free workers for higher value work.

With Zebra, you can leverage the compatibility of a single-sourced portfolio to form a seamless, end-to-end RFID solution that removes vulnerabilities, eases implementation and accelerates success. Our experts will guide it all with a full range of implementation and executional support to make the way forward clear, logical and relatively pain free.

Ensure your labels comply to stringent requirements, every time.

Selecting the Right RFID Supplies for your Operation

  • Inlay Size. The right RFID inlay can provide you with the ideal read ranges.
  • Reader Type. Find the right supplies that respond to various RFID readers and serve different use cases.
  • Material Surface. Select your supplies based on application on various materials, including corrugate boxes, glass, plastic, metal etc.

Matching labels to your unique components

  • Zebra‚Äôs Supplies R&D Team can test automotive manufacturer requirements to recommend a reliable labelling solution.
  • Zebra recreates real-world conditions by testing adhesion and durability on the actual surface material specific to your components.
  • Since we never substitute materials, you can avoid slowdowns caused by deficient performance and need for re-labelling.