How to Foster a More Effective and Productive Retail Workforce

White Paper

Store managers and store associates are the lifeblood of any retail organization, and ensuring that your staff is productive during their shifts is critical to any retailer's success. High employee productivity increases sales, decreases turnover, and dramatically improves the customer experience.

This guide provides strategies you can use to get started:

  • Optimize labor forecasting and scheduling
  • Simplify execution of all work in the store
  • Equip store managers and associates with mobile devices and real-time access to essential applications

If you are looking for strategies to improve employee productivity and efficiency, download our white paper today!
With AI-powered workforce management solutions, you can create optimized labor schedules that work for your employees, giving them the ability to provide customers with an excellent retail experience.
With Reflexis workforce management solutions, Belk realized a sales increase of 80 basis points (amounting to some $31 million), and a $5 million redeployment of labor dollars to align associates with peak-selling periods.
From optimizing labor to improving employee performance, AI-powered solutions can drive better store operations processes and provide customers with an excellent retail experience.

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