Elevate Associate Performance

Elevate Associate Performance

Adapt to the new realities of retail

  • Focus workers on successful execution of strategies.
  • Empower teams to adapt in the moment.
  • Balance demand, availability, costs and regulations.

Zebra Reflexis Work Platform:

Solve Your Workers' Biggest Challenges

Your workers need a responsive solution that keeps them in step with what’s happening now. Zebra Reflexis AI-powered, mobile solution offers them that real-time agility.

Adjust Now|
Adjust Now
With Zebra Reflexis, you can automatically align schedules to changing demands, prioritize tasks to respond to emerging situations and match labor forecasts with real-time variables.
Give Associates Greater Control
Give Associates Greater Control
Offer employees flexibility in when and where they work, and they’ll reward you with loyalty. They’ll appreciate the convenience of our mobile-first platform. You’ll value its ability to create schedules in seconds, which factor in their availability, skills and preferences.
Control Labor Cost Creep
Control Labor Cost Creep
Leave compliance to Reflexis and never be caught off guard with costly overtime, misbehavior and fines. Automated alerts let you sidestep potential violations and ensure compliance with labor laws, union rules and company policies, no matter how complex.
Accomplish What’s Not Humanly Possible
Accomplish What’s Not Humanly Possible
Rather than struggle to piece together siloed data sets, rely on Reflexis to connect all the dots for a complete and true view of store operations. When you’re ready to execute, you’ll have an automatic and closed, feedback loop that assigns tasks and confirms completion.

Get it All Done with One Platform

Reflexis is your single, go-to source for everything you need to simplify store operations, maximize labor and measure progress. Each module is effective on its own, but stronger together, as they build on one another for a perpetual loop of improvements.

Get it All Done with One Platform
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Get it All Done with One Platform

Reflexis is your single, go-to source for everything you need to simplify store operations, maximize labor and measure progress. Each module is effective on its own, but stronger together, as they build on one another for a perpetual loop of improvements.

Get it All Done with One Platform
Instantly Communicate

Instantly Communicate

Reach individuals and teams now with alerts, notifications and instant messaging. Forgo playing phone tag, sending time-consuming emails and hoping someone reads your intranet communications.

Prioritize and Confirm Tasks

Prioritize and Confirm Tasks

Avoid overwhelming your team. Allow our advance rules engine to prioritize and distribute tasks evenly and equitably across available associates. You’ll automatically know whether each task is done.

Create Schedules with One Click

Create Schedules with One Click

Save hours of work each week. Automatically generate ideal schedules that consider such variables as foot traffic, seasonality, and employee skills, availability and preferences.

Assess and Adjust

Assess and Adjust

Count on Reflexis analytics and reporting to uncover trends in your store performance and efficiencies. Use these deep and real-time insights to shape operational goals and gauge progress.

Leverage AI and Machine Learning

Leverage AI and Machine Learning

Make the most of your time, staff and budgets with a holistic platform, automated by artificial intelligence that continuously advances through machine learning.

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Execution and Communication Module

Pivot Priorities in the Moment

Your associates are the key to making your vision a reality. Transform them into masters of customer service with Reflexis. Their tasks will automatically match priorities and completion rates will rise.

You’ll have a simple way to reach everyone across all your stores and coordinate real-time response that will keep customers coming back.

See the Solutions That Accelerate Execution and Communication

Simplify Communication and Work
Get the word out fast, certain that your store teams will receive your alerts, notifications and instant messages. Use that same convenient mobile platform to send workers visual instructions on building eye-catching window displays and planograms. Use Reflexis to mobilize managers. Our tools speed up their daily activities and on-site audits, enabling them to automatically trigger follow-up tasks.
Simplify Communication and Work
Help Workers Help You Achieve More
With so many stores to run, things to do and people to direct, how do you coordinate it all? Let Reflexis make your job and theirs easier. Associates will have a single, mobile platform to access all their tasks, automatically organized by priority. Managers can ensure the right associate is in the right place, and you’ll have real-time visibility into what’s happening and what’s being done.
Help Workers Help You Achieve More

Areas in Which Customers Have Seen Improvements

Accelerating checkouts
Response to recalls
Planogram compliance
Promotions compliance
Late truck coordination
Price changes
Visual merchandising
Store communication

$31M rise in sales

Store operations increased sales across their chain, thanks to Real-Time Task Manager and Q-Comm.

$1M saved in shrinkage

AP/LP of a leading Hispanic supermarket chain leveraged Real-Time Task Manager to streamline and prioritize its 5,000 annual tasks.

95% task completion rate

Most store operations found that the rate of on-time task completion surged to 95%, when they deployed Real-Time Task Management.

Download the Real-Time Task Manager Brochure

Download the Real-Time Task Manager Brochure

Pivot in the moment; focus associates on the most important tasks with the biggest impact on sales and service.

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Workforce Management Module

Cut Labor Costs and Time Spent Scheduling

In just minutes, accurately forecast and schedule labor to anticipate demand and factor in workload, budgets, foot traffic, weather events, and more. Our powerful algorithms will slash hours from managers’ to-do list and cut expenses from your labor budgets, while ensuring your workers are compliant and your stores are properly staffed.

Workforce Management Solutions That Make a Difference

Lower the Risk of Turnover
Reflexis Employee Self-Service offers associates a user-friendly, mobile app to control their schedules, for a work-life balance. Employee Self-Service also makes it easy for managers to track scheduling requests, adjust schedules as needed and ensure compliance with company rules and labor laws.
Lower the Risk of Turnover
Track and Ensure Compliance
With union contracts and labor laws constantly changing, it’s not easy to track compliance—unless you have Reflexis. No matter how complicated pay rules, regulations and company policies, our algorithms simplify them for you and alert you of any potential problems.
Track and Ensure Compliance
Cultivate a Better Customer Experience
Offer customers an easy way to book, reschedule and cancel appointments. Then, align your staff’s know-how with customer demand. Customers can book their appointments through a customized web portal or mobile app—we’ll alert on-site managers or associates and account for the labor in your schedules.
Cultivate a Better Customer Experience

Areas in Which Customers Have Seen Improvements

Total workload on-site
Budget and labor spend
Aligning with customer traffic and demand
Customer service and engagement
Employee retention and job satisfaction

50% faster scheduling

Workforce Scheduler reduced store managers’ time spent on scheduling by 50%, in a major retail chain.

$100M saved in labor

Workforce Scheduler and Time and Attendance saved a hardline retailer 100 million in labor costs over a span of seven years.

32% lower employee turnover

Workforce Scheduler reduced associate attrition in the UK for a global quick service restaurant.

Download the Workforce Scheduler Brochure

Download the Workforce Scheduler Brochure

Discover what Reflexis customers already know: that forecasting and scheduling labor with our artificial intelligence results in greater flexibility, savings and compliance, leading to a better in-store experience.

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Case Studies

AutoZone: Matching Employee Availability to Complex Market Demands

Matching Employee Availability to Complex Market Demands

Learn how AutoZone saved $100 million in seven years with intelligent workforce management.

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El Super: The ROI from Superior Retail Execution

El Super:
The ROI from Superior Retail Execution

Learn how El Super saved $1 million in shrinkage by streamlining and prioritizing tasks across all stores.

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McDonald’s UK: Implementing Workforce Solutions

McDonald’s UK:
Implementing Workforce Solutions

Discover how McDonald’s UK reduced schedule generation time and reduced crew turnover with Reflexis.

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DICK’S Sporting Goods: Why We Chose Reflexis

DICK’S Sporting Goods:
Why We Chose Reflexis

Discover how DICK’S Sporting Goods improved task prioritization across stores and aligned store execution to corporate vision.

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