Female Shopping

2021 Shopper Study Volume 2

The Retail Imperative:
Empower Associates, Exceed Expectations and Create Loyal Customers

Zebra's Shopper Study report stacked on a table

As retailers and shoppers grapple with the realities of a world forever changed by COVID-19, online and in-store technology investments are accelerating to keep pace with rapidly shifting demands. Get the latest insiders’ perspectives from Zebra’s 13th annual Shopper Vision Study Volume 2.

What are retail executives saying?

Connected Shopper

72% plan to implement employee texting, smartphone self-checkout and personal shopping to match shopper’ growing affinity for in-store tech

Key Takeaway

77% report fast-tracking technology investment plans to address issues ushered in by the pandemic

Endless Aisle

80% agree that workforce analytics, smart check-out and prescriptive analytics are the most important technologies reshaping retail over the next 5 years