2020 Shopper Study
Volume 1 & 2

It's all about the experience: retail insights from around the globe

More than 4,800 customers and 1,500 retail professionals were surveyed to gauge the attitudes, opinions and expectations reshaping brick and mortar and online retail. The results, summarized in a two-part series, are essential reading for industry leaders seeking actionable insights to serve today’s tech-savvy shoppers.

Volume 1: The Shopper Perspective

Meet and exceed your customer's expectations

Today's customer demands a flawless shopping experience in-store and online. Discover how to provide them with access to knowledgeable associates, smooth transactions, and lightning-fast order fulfillment

Volume 2: The Retail Perspective

Tech-powered retail

Online and in-store, customers are demanding more personal, engaging shopping experiences. Separate yourself from the competition and exceed your customers' expectations by simplifying transactions, having greater visibility into your inventory and giving associates the tools, they need to assist shoppers more efficiently.


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