Is Your WMS Costing You?

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Does your warehouse experience these
picking pitfalls?

Juggling too many objects

Juggling too many objects

Are workers struggling to handle both gear and inventory?

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Outdated green screens

Outdated green screens

Are your devices too slow for today’s volume and velocity of orders?

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Lack real-time visibility of your front line

Lack real-time visibility of your front line

Do workers waste time getting to the bin to discover it’s empty?

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Make speed and accuracy
the order of the day

  • Circumvent errors

    Providing real-time visibility ensures accuracy and prevents unproductive trips to the wrong bin location.

  • Efficient picking

    Send WMS pick orders directly to workers’ mobile devices to help dynamically organize tasks.

  • Handle more orders

    Enable workers to utilize hands-free, multi-modal picking solutions to simplify task completion.

Take the pain out of picking

Boost productivity with a streamlined process—faster pick times
and efficient workflows.