Getting Back to Business with Reflexis Customer Connect™

Solution Brief

Reflexis Appointment Screen
Improve client experiences and power your branch recovery with Reflexis Customer Connect™- intelligent, quick-to-deploy, schedule-aware appointment booking. Reflexis Appointments is the only enterprise solution offering:

  • Virtual queuing and customer alerts to manage occupancy in lobby and lines
  • Seamless connectivity with Reflexis Workforce Scheduler or your current workforce tools
  • Secure mobile communications to manage appointments
  • Robust analytics to provide insights on branch effectiveness
  • Easy integration to your website and other systems
  • Rapid implementation and deployment
Part of the proven Reflexis platform, Reflexis Customer Connect powers improved efficiency and productivity at the branch, now and in the future. Schedule a demo today or download our data sheet for more information.

Appointments That Work - Today and Tomorrow

Automate Appointment Changes
If an employee calls out, their appointments are automatically reassigned to available, qualified alternates.

Real-Time Alerts
When a client cancels or an appointment runs over, relevant team members receive real-time, mobile notifications so they can adjust in real-time.

Prioritize Appointments
Colleagues see upcoming appointments in their prioritized daily activities and have time set aside to prepare for a great customer experience.

Use Appointment Data in Scheduling and Forecasting
Create a closed feedback loop using appointment data to improve forecasting and scheduling based on real scenarios

Deliver Better Service with Transparent Appointments
Help customers connect with branch services at the most convenient times for a more efficient and pleasant visit.
Make Appointments Part of a Total Platform

The Reflexis platform enables banks to ensure that the right people are in the right place, guided to the right activities at the right time—reducing costs, improving execution, and increasing revenue from the branch network.

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