In this industry disrupter series
Join Zebra and our experts as we reflect on the disruptions observed in different industries. We’ll discuss how they are getting back on track with technology.
Date: 18th August, Tuesday
Time:11:00AM - 12:00PM (GMT+8)
Innovating in the Warehouse in a Time of Change
Rapid change and uncertainty have characterized much of supply chain execution in 2020.  The business environment is changing and customers are demanding higher levels of service, which means greater operational visibility in warehousing fulfillment and distribution. Fortunately, new mobile and robotic technologies can co-exist on the warehouse floor to offer ways to operate more efficiently and safely than ever before. Learn how Zebra is innovating at the warehouse edge for you.

Join Zebra as we explore how you can leverage new technology to help your operation gain greater levels of visibility for workers to deliver accurate and productive results through mobile technology integrated with flexible robotic solutions while staying safe.​
Speakers' Profile
Presenter: Mark Wheeler
Director, ​Supply Chain Solutions 
Zebra Technologies Corporation ​

Mr. Wheeler has held numerous positions in supply chain execution throughout his 30-year career, including strategic consulting, automated warehouse design and build and complex systems integration.

In his role today, he is responsible for Zebra’s warehouse and supply chain global strategy. His consultation addresses the requirements of our customers' supply chain operations.
Presenter: Royston Phua
Vertical Practice Lead, APAC Supply Chain
Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific

Royston has been in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry with leading global 3rd party logistics integrators for two decades in a variety of senior regional roles with exposure to Operations, Solutions Design and Implementation related activities. He now works alongside the business team to assist customers in their supply chain digitization and modernization efforts through innovative solution offerings.   ​

Date: 26th August, Wednesday
Time:11:00AM - 12:00PM (GMT+8)
Innovating in Healthcare in a Time of Change
Join our Healthcare webinar, led by Zebra’s APAC Healthcare Practice Lead James Woo,  to learn more about how Zebra’s clinical mobility solutions supports workflow improvements and improve patient care.  ​

Specifically, we will explore supply chain and inventory pressures, and how innovative healthcare organisations can leverage technology to:​
  • Gain real-time visibility into their assets and medical equipment​
  • Optimize their workflows and ​consequently, improve patient care!​

Further to that, they will also:
  • Discuss the challenges associated with misplaced and lost equipment, and share perspectives about workflow enhancements and technology platforms ​
  • Explore asset tracking improvements through a range of Hardware and Software devices ​
  • Share insights into some of the key clinical, financial and operational benefits of the clinical smartphones and asset tracking ​
Speakers' Profile
Presenter/ Moderator: James Woo
APAC Vertical Practice Lead, Healthcare
Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific

He has more than 20 years of experience working in Healthcare, Telco/ICT, Manufacturing and Distribution, with 15 years being in senior IT leadership role.
Panelist: Elizabeth Miller
ANZ Healthcare Lead
Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific

Elizabeth Miller currently serves as the Healthcare Lead for Zebra in the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) market. She is also a current Registered Nurse and, prior to joining Zebra, worked in Healthcare for three decades in a clinical and commercial capacity. She was also a Member of the Victorian Parliament for four years.

Panelist: Joshua Yatras
ANZ Solutions Architect
Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific​

Joshua is responsible for providing advice, guidance and support to a large and diverse customer portfolio as well as supporting a channel of resellers and distributors across APAC.
Date: 2nd September, Wednesday
Time:11:00AM - 12:00PM (GMT+8)
Innovating with RFID in a Time of Change
Join our webinar to learn more about how RFID can fuel business transformation and help you reveal opportunities hidden in plain sight. Learn from industry experts on the ROI and impact of RFID on your business.​

In this webinar, we will explore:​
  • A deeper dive into the RFID landscape today and what you should know to prepare for tomorrow​
  • How RFID can help you achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction​
  • A look at the different types of RFID technologies that enable better decision making, using real-time data​
  • Real world use cases for RFID across multiple verticals including, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics​,Retail​ and Healthcare

Date: 5th August, Wednesday (Completed)
Time:11:00AM - 12:00PM (GMT+8)
Innovating with Zebra in a Time of Change
In this webinar, we will discuss turnkey solutions that can beneft organizations in the new norm.
•  Proximity Event Logging: Ability to report on social distancing behaviors in the workplace which can translate to workflow modifications
•  Automated Contact Tracing: Enables employers to quickly identify and remove workers who are at risk, which may help prevent facility-wide shutdowns
•  Proximity Alerts: Allow employees to self-correct behavior before an event occurs
•  Device disinfection: Ensure devices shared between shifts are properly cleaned
Date: 13th August, Thursday
Time:11:00AM - 12:00PM (GMT+8)
Innovating Retail in a Time of Change
Retail transformation is nothing new however it is now happening much faster and in more ways. As we return back to the “new normal”,  retail is still guided by fact that the customer is always right. And today’s customer wants to be right, right away.

Join us in the first of our disrupter series as we look to see what the future for retail holds and how technology can play a role in driving lean and fully visible inventories, elevating the customer experience with personal service and providing operational efficiencies to drive your work force to deliver more.

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