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Enhancing Patient Identification Through Barcode Wristband Technology

Reduce Patient Identification Errors and Streamline Hospital Processes

Up to 14%* of medical records include inaccurate, potentially dangerous patient data as a direct result of failures in patient identification. Often, errors can be attributed to outdated manual processes, such as oral verification or written wristbands, which can impact the standard of care delivered.

In this white paper Zebra Technologies outlines the benefits of an automated barcode wristband solution, including insight into:

  • Reducing common Patient ID errors

  • The advantages of automated Patient ID processes over manual

  • The best automated barcoding options

* (2012, October 2). HiTech Answers. HIMSS Policy Summit Asks for Patient Data Matching Strategies. Unique Patient Identifiers (UPI) Needs to be Addressed Again. www.hitechanswers.net