Zebra Technologies Has Acquired
Fetch Robotics

Where People and Robots Work in Harmony
for the On-Demand Economy

Zebra's ecosystem of automation solutions helps customers solve challenges of the on-demand economy. Our strategic vision is to have every asset and worker on the edge visible, connected and fully optimized. Fetch’s flexible automation through autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) provides customers with end-to-end picking solutions in fulfillment and distribution centers, just-in-time material delivery solutions in manufacturing facilities, and automation of manual material movement in any facility. Together, we have extended our strategic vision into advanced robotics, enabling Zebra to produce market-leading innovations that customers use to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve safety.

Jim Lawton

“Our vision for automation is not an either/or proposition; it’s about giving machines and people the opportunity to do their very best work”

– Jim Lawton

Vice President and General Manager, Robotics Automation, Zebra Technologies


Accelerating Growth in Intelligent Industrial Automation

Intelligent Industrial Automation will forever change the frontline of business. As pressures intensify, more organizations will automate repetitive tasks to make better use of workers for high-value jobs.

Our vision takes automation to a new level. Zebra and Fetch’s combined power elevates human and robotic performance by augmenting their capabilities and coordinating their work and movement in real time. Our promise: faster fulfillment, timely replenishment and autonomous movement of material for higher efficiencies, customer satisfaction and ROI.

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Workers and Robots:

Augmented, Automated, Synchronized

This acquisition is the latest powerful example of Zebra’s ongoing commitment to optimizing your supply chain, from the point of production to the point of consumption. In connecting people and bots with data and technology, we give you the confident agility to adjust and synchronize workflows in the moment. Now you’re able to manage dynamically and orchestrate wholistically. That’s the smart way to stay ahead of fluctuating demand, disappearing delivery times and shrinking labor pools.


Harmonize all your resources to be in step with the on-demand economy

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