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greater profit?

Turn your legacy WMS into a 21st century brainpower.

Your aging warehouse management system (WMS) is costing you in lost business, profits and customer confidence. Its batch orders are too slow for the volume and velocity of today’s relentless e-commerce demands. It’s the reason your training times drag on and your operations are bloated with wasteful errors and wasted eforts.

Evaluate your savings. Cut your WMS losses.

No need to rip and replace your WMS to gain rewards. Simply and effortlessly add Zebra FulfillmentEdge—a powerful layer of analytics and operational insight—to your existing WMS and watch the savings add up.

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onboarding costs

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productivity gains

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Review seasonal
staff savings

There’s no comparison to the savings
of Zebra FulfillmentEdge

Let our numbers improve yours. Complete all the fields to see the dramatic diference FulfillmentEdge makes in throughput and training.

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Total Savings

Reconfigure your legacy WMS. Figure on greater profits.

What happens when you give your legacy WMS a FulfillmentEdge? It has the real-time intelligence and visibility to know your workers’ real-time location, shorten their picking routes and modernize their devices’ interfaces. It sees who’s closest to each item, and automatically puts easy-to-grasp instructions at their fingertips and line of sight, making the most of every workers’ every move.

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