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Safe and
effective cleaning

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Create a safer and frictionless shopping experience

The way we shop is changing fast. Making stores safer for associates and customers is high priority. You can reduce physical contact and speed-up shopper journeys, while still delivering a great in-store experience.

Make shopping faster and easier

Zebra’s Personal Shopping Solution allows customers to scan their own items, pack their own bags and avoid checkout lanes by offering mobile payment on the device

Encourage safe interactions

Push-to-Talk connects shoppers directly (yet remotely) with store associates to help answer questions, provide recommendations and more

Locate products quickly

Using the personal shopping device, shoppers can locate products using on-screen navigation and wayfinding tools

Transform personalisation into profit

Send instant offers and personalised promotions to shoppers during their shopping trip to encourage uplift in spend

Stay well-stocked and well-informed
Stay well-stocked and well-informed


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Safe and
effective cleaning

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Stay well-stocked and well-informed

Stay well-stocked and well-informed

Replenish out-of-stocks at a faster rate. Associates can receive inventory in less time with less chance of errors, while managers maintain a pulse on their inventory database.

Speed up shipment-to-shelf workflows

Scan multiple barcodes with a single trigger pull

Capture even damaged, torn or poorly printed barcodes on the first try

Orchestrate workers to restock

Connect to inventory databases for up-to-the-minute visibility

Notify associates the instant goods are ready for shelving

Untether managers from back offices

Mobilise managers to scan products, reorder merchandise and count inventory on the sales floor

Price merchandise on the spot

Print labels on the go as items are unpacked

Stay well-stocked and well-informed
Stay well-stocked and well-informed

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Rack up
inventory visibility

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Stay well-stocked and well-informed


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Minimise contact.
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Online grocery orders are on the rise. Meet growing demand by delivering speed and accuracy at every step — from picking to packing, from curbside delivery to in-store service.

Find it faster

Use data-rich images to ensure the right items are picked

Access data to locate goods, whether in the back room or on the store shelf

Close the sale at the curb

Scan coupons and process additional payment at the curb

Print and prep pronto

Print customer orders and label totes in less time

Print receipts without leaving the customer’s side

Shorten the queue

Instantly read barcodes from mobile phones

Capture any type of data in virtually any condition

Stay well-stocked and well-informed

Wipe away the worry of
sharing devices

Cleaning the devices used by many associates is essential to maintaining the well-being of your employees. Use these resources as a guide for disinfecting shared technology.

Best practices for
sanitising devices

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Stay well-stocked and well-informed

Shopper Study 2021
The Essential Shopper Experience:

Safety, speed and convenience. The biggest influencer in retail right now isn’t COVID-19 – it’s adaptability. Challenge your notions of retail’s future with our 2021 Shopper Study.

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