Five steps to mobile strategy success

Communications are key in a healthcare environment — Define your mobile strategy to stay ahead of the game

Did you know that 70% of medical errors can be traced back to a breakdown in communications? With today’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, patient care is improved – yet caregivers often don’t have access to the critical patient information contained in these systems where it’s needed most – at the patient’s bedside.
Fortunately, clinical mobility is changing the face of healthcare - real-time patient data can be accessed on mobile devices, improving workflow efficiencies and collaboration. Forward planning can help healthcare providers integrate mobile devices into their systems in an effective way.

In this new report, Zebra Technologies outlines the five steps to mobile computing success through best practice and relevant case studies including:

  • Understanding how your healthcare staff are already communicating
  • Uncovering the applications and workflows that can make you even more efficient
  • Deciding how to manage alerts and alarms
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