How CX Drives Revenue Through Colleague and Customer Engagement

Maze and Plantasjen in partnership with Reflexis - Webinar

View this webinar with Reflexis partnerMaze to learn more about their customer insights app and hear from home and garden retailer Plantasjen,who will be sharing how they collect customer data at store level on a daily basis to ensure continuous service improvement.
Maze and Plantasjen
Maze works with Plantasjen to collect daily customer feedback, which is then used to inform staff meetings and overall reporting. Every employee and store manager is able to see the data that relates to their store each day – ensuring that improvements are targeted and effective.

This webinar will cover:

  • How management teams and store colleagues gain actionable, customer-driven insights specific to their individual training needs
  • How to motivateteams with a focus on employee recognition
  • How clear benchmarking between stores and regions can be used to ensure customer-facing colleagues deliver a high-quality customer experience
  • How toputthe customer voice at the heart of your customer experience strategy
Meet the Speakers

Mark Benton
Mark Benton
Director of Customer Success EMEA and APAC

Reflexis, now part of Zebra Technologies

Andy Newberry
Andy Newberry
Sales Director Maze Feedback


Jorgen Lislerud
Jørgen Lislerud
Chief Operating Officer at Plantasjen ASA


Jim Nicholson
Jim Nicholson
Managing Director Maze Feedback


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