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Enterprise Android™ Devices


Zebra rugged Android devices shipped


layers of enterprise-level security and control with Zebra Mx


Zebra’s share of rugged Android market in 2017


Android devices available in Zebra’s portfolio


of overall Zebra shipments are Android


of extended OS security support with Zebra’s LifeGuard™ for Android

The Benefits of Zebra’s Android

Move the productivity needle with Zebra’s
Android warehouse portfolio.

Accelerate e-commerce
and delivery demands.

  • Simultaneously capture multiple barcodes
  • Cut out multiple keys for a single entry
  • Get maximum memory and processing speeds
  • Unify teams with push to talk
  • Rapidly stage and deploy devices

Work uninterrupted for
unmatched productivity.

  • Know in advance when batteries need to be recharged or replaced
  • Diagnose and fix common mobile computer errors on the spot
  • Prevent threats that can wreak havoc on daily operations; extend security support up to seven years—the full life cycle of your device

Lift accuracy rates and
customer satisfaction.

  • Scan any barcode, any condition, the first time, every time
  • Reduce false keystrokes with a bigger display and friendlier UX
  • Validate order picking with images

Flex to accommodate peak
seasons and temporary workers.

  • Improve training time; workers like and know how to use Android
  • Offer intuitive visual instructions to increase item-level picking
  • Offer all-day comfort with ergonomic devices

Choose from the widest array of Zebra rugged warehouse devices.


TC8000 MC3300 MC9200
    TC70/70x TC72/72x


WT6000 Finger Scanners Headsets

Vehicle Mounts

VC80X VC80


ET50 XSlate L10 XPad L10 XBook L10 XSlate R12

*Zebra’s Windows 10 mobile devices will continue to receive full Microsoft support. They are not affected by Microsoft’s termination of support for Windows Embedded and Mobile operating systems.

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Success Story

Let others’ success inspire your own.

Read how Zebra’s Android devices help businesses become more efficient.

Exel Logistics

Over 1,000 orders processed a day. More than 200,000 pieces processed per shift. That was the output of just one of Exel Logistics’ 500+ North American locations. With those numbers, you’d think they had a solid handle on productivity. But thanks to Zebra’s TC8000’s easy-to-use Android touch screen, light weight and ergonomic handle, Exel improved production up to 20%.

Success Story

Medline, North America

With 350,000 products manufactured and distributed yearly, Medline needed a smart way to speed up fulfillment and process outbound orders. They found it with Zebra’s TC51 rugged Android devices and Bluetooth headsets. The result? Quicker training times. Higher volume of orders and a significant boost in efficiency.

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Success Story

Toll Global Logistics, Singapore

What would your workers do with an extra hour per day? That’s how much time the TC8000 saved Toll workers when implemented in their warehouse. By eliminating the repetitive motion of tilting and verifying processes, Toll recouped 14% of productivity.

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