Ensuring Omnichannel Excellence in a Post-Pandemic World

White Paper

Ensuring omnichannel excellence in a post-pandemic world
Digital transformation plans are going to be crucial in a post-pandemic future. Since the vast majority of customers are still very interested in going to stores, omnichannel offerings are key to winning over customers that are thinking of moving towards predominately ecommerce retailers.

This white paper explores strategies you can use to simplify omnichannel processes and streamline execution at stores:

  • Empower real-time communication throughout your organization
  • Optimize labor scheduling to account for omnichannel tasks
  • Improve visibility into the execution of omnichannel tasks
  • Enable better training opportunities for frontline associates
Appointment booking solutions are a great way to help you adapt to these changes, seamlessly managing on-site appointments while proactively managing occupancy and customer traffic.
Explore how Delhaize America increased their stores’ operational efficiency and improved the customer experience.
From virtual appointments to dark stores, touch-free tech to increased employee expectations, understanding these 10 store operations trends will be key to achieving success during another turbulent year.

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