Provide an Accurate, Real-Time View of Inventory

Give customers the experience they want with consistently available, in-stock products and improved customer service.

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Note: Actual performance may vary depending on, among other things, store environment, product mix and process adherence.


Master Inventory Management

Discover how to streamline inventory management with Zebra’s Modern Store solutions:

  • Increase product availability to satisfy shoppers
  • Pick faster and fulfill more orders through every channel
  • Reduce product waste and shrink
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Southeastern Grocers

Want Real-Time Control of Inventory?

Empower your associates to find products faster and keep shelves stocked longer. Lower shrink rates and raise customer satisfaction, along with sales.

See How to Repeat Havan’s Successes

Brazilian retailer Havan increases inventory accuracy by over 99% while decreasing cycle counting time by 97%.1

See Inventory Accurately and in Real Time

And free associates to spend more time helping customers






Some solutions may not be available in your region. Contact your local Zebra account manager or partner for details.

Achieve All Your Retail Goals

With The Modern Store by Zebra

Optimize your inventory, engage your store associates and elevate the customer experience when you leverage the complete Modern Store framework. Discover all three outcomes that work together to define modern retail so you can achieve all your goals and be prepared for what’s next.

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    Havan Case Study

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    Lowes Foods Case Study