Barcodes and the pharmacy: a perfect match

Reduce errors and give your patients a virtual voice through barcode technology

Maximizing patient safety and improving the quality of care is the ultimate goal for healthcare providers - and this extends to the hospital pharmacy too. With medication errors the cause for 5% of malpractice claims, it’s essential that the right processes are in place to ensure the right medications are provided to the right patients.

A proven and highly effective solution is to use barcoding to identify medications at the unit-dose level for dispensing and administration. It’s the pharmacist’s way of putting patient safety at the forefront by providing a “virtual voice” to patients, applications and workflows.

In this new paper Zebra Technologies explores how barcodes and pharmacy staff can work hand in hand to ensure patient safety – including:

  • How barcodes support the five rights of medication administration

  • How to identify your barcode labeling requirements

  • Selecting the right barcode printer for your needs