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Explore the critical role played by technology and digital transformation.

It’s clear that the demands on policing will continue to increase – and that tomorrow’s criminals will become ever more adept with technology.

For UK police services, this makes it imperative to deploy the best digital infrastructure and provide those on the frontline with equipment they can rely on. To protect and serve communities, leaders must take advantage of handheld devices, mobile computers, the digital tracking and tagging of evidence, a move to the cloud and the benefits of 5G mobile networks.

In our mini-report - "A connected future for law enforcement" - we examine how all this can happen in a cost-effective way, without compromising security, safety or continuity.

A Connected Future for UK Policing

Taking the opportunities from technological change.
From handheld devices to mobile computers, tracking and tagging of evidence to adopting cloud and 5G, Zebra has 50+ years of expertise in developing trusted hardware and software solutions built for the critical needs of today and tomorrow.

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