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Mobile Robots

Take worker productivity to the next level with robotic automation


Scarce labor pools. Rising transaction volumes and order complexities. You’re not alone. Overcome the mounting pressures surrounding your warehouse operations by adding autonomous mobile robots to your material movement and fulfillment workflows.

Accelerate Material Movement

Reduce unnecessary trips, time and walking from employees by automating common material movement tasks throughout your facility. Move any type of payload — from pallets, cases and individual items to dunnage and recycling—without taking employees away from important tasks.

Transport raw materials, WIP and finished goods

Autonomously pick up and drop off carts anywhere in your facility

Moving Materials?
Let a Robot Do It

Use this interactive map to explore how you can integrate mobile robots into your receiving, cross-docking and put away operations to drive customer satisfaction and move your workforce up to higher-value tasks and contributions.

Maintain a constant supply at assembly lines without any of your workers leaving their stations. Automatically deliver materials, as well as transport WIP with AMRs.
Sustain the flow of materials and automatically bring components, parts, and kits to workstations on demand in a cell manufacturing setup.
Schedule your robot to pick up bulk containers filled with dunnage, trash and recyclables and clear congested areas throughout your facility.
Decrease dock to stock cycle times with autonomous pickup and transport of cases and decanted/ de-palletized loads to storage or forward pick areas.

4 Ways to Implement Mobile Robots in Days, Not Weeks

Interested in introducing robotic automation but not sure where to start? This webinar is for you. Watch it to learn:

  • 4 proven workflows to improve operations
  • How to deploy autonomous mobile robots quickly
  • Ways to improve capacity, productivity and help frontline employees

Accelerate Your Picking Productivity

Increase picking productivity up to 3X by coordinating the efforts of pickers and robots to drive greater efficiency. Less walking to and from pick zones results in more picking, higher levels of accuracy and faster delivery speeds. Improved picking accuracy also means fewer returns, which saves time, effort and expense.

Instructions received from the WMS or WES via device or from the screen of a robot

Unique pick-to-light and put-to-side capabilities for increased productivity

Workers stay in same zone, picking items and placing directly in a tote, bin, or shipping box

Robot automatically moves to next pick, then transports items to the packout or consolidation area once complete

More Picking,
Less Walking

Use this interactive map to explore how mobile robots can be used to optimize order, batch, case or pallet picking operations to get goods out faster and more accurately resulting in reduced training time and fewer returns.

Transport palletized loads up to 48" x 48" with 2,500 lbs capacity for pallet picking applications.
Enable workers to pick and sort multiple orders at once via visual prompts. Dynamically deliver orders to pickers keeping them in a specific zone to reduce congestion in aisles.
Build mixed pallets directly onto AMRs to transport partial orders between zones or complete orders to areas designed for pallet wrapping or shipping. Reduce reliance on forklifts and eliminate wasted travel time.

Flexible vs. Fixed Automation

Squeezed by the ongoing e-commerce boom and a nationwide labor crunch, companies are accelerating investments in robotics automation in their facilities.

With several options to consider, which is the best solution for your facility? This eBook takes a look at the pros and cons of each.

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