Eliminate Miles of Walking with Mobile Robots

Compare the cost of manually transporting goods versus the efficiency of automation

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Let's Talk Mobile Robots:
4 Real-World Applications for Material Movement

Tune into this 25 minute webinar and discover how autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can:

  • Optimize workflows in manufacturing such as lineside delivery and warehousing (pick to tote, transport to/from AS/RS and shipping lane delivery).
  • Increase throughput while regaining valuable floor space.
  • Make your existing workforce more productive by performing more value-added tasks.
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Moving Materials?
Let a Robot Do It.

From delivering raw materials and kits during manufacturing to end-of-line handling, mobile robots are changing the way we work.

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Accelerate Material Movement

Reduce unnecessary trips, time and walking from employees by automating common material movement tasks throughout your facility. Move any type of payload—from pallets, cases and individual items to dunnage and recycling—without taking employees away from important tasks.

Transport raw materials, WIP and finished goods

Autonomously pick up and drop off carts anywhere in your facility


Automate loading/unloading totes and bins from conveyors and ASRSs


Get the all-in-one material transport that offers a built-in operator interface


Let this robot pick up and drop off carts, automatically detaching from them upon arrival


Automate large payload pallets and transport to shipping or storage

Learn More About the Advantages of Automating Material Movement

Keep Production Lines Moving

Discover how to increase efficiency and productivity on the plant​ floor with mobile robots.

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CapEx vs. Robots-as-a-Service

Flexible robotic automation is more affordable than ever. Compare your purchasing options to find the program that best meets your needs.

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Ready to automate material movement? Let's talk.