Enable Associates To Do Their Best Work

Ensure your associates are productive, empowered and engaged.

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Note: Actual performance may vary depending on, among other things, store environment, product mix and process adherence.


Learn How Engaged Associates Accomplish More

This white paper reveals how you can:

  • Prioritize assignments
  • Automatically verify execution
  • Activate and track corrective actions
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How Do You Create an Engaged Workforce?

Give them tools to easily communicate, contribute and collaborate. Watch the video to see how that leads to lower staff turnover, higher task completion and and the right size schedules.

See How to Repeat Vera Bradley's Successes

Vera Bradley automated scheduling, saving managers 15 hours/week and increasing scheduling effectiveness by 25–50%1

Enable Associates with the Mobile Tools They Need

And the modern capabilities they expect






Some solutions may not be available in your region. Contact your local Zebra account manager or partner for details.

Let’s Build Your Modern Store

And solve your most pressing retail challenges

Engage your associates, optimize your inventory and elevate the customer experience when you leverage the complete Modern Store framework. Discover all three outcomes that work together to define modern retail so you can achieve all your goals and be prepared for what’s next.

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    Vera Bradley Case Study

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