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“What do I have, and where is it?” Harnessing the retail power of RFID

Download “RFID: A Strategic Imperative”—Zebra’s white paper about driving omnichannel success and operational efficiency.

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Omnichannel strategies help brick-and-mortar retailers meet increased customer expectations in today’s highly competitive landscape.

For these efforts to succeed, inventory visibility and accuracy—ideally, 90% or higher—is more important than ever. And top retailers have realized that adopting item-level RFID solutions, with the latest RFID readers, can increase inventory accuracy up to 99%.

This white paper discusses how retailers can leverage an RFID toolset to get up-to-the-minute stock positions across their entire chain. Its insights will help your organization:

  • Optimize omnichannel commerce capabilities
  • Boost sales
  • Minimize out-of-stocks and overstocks
  • Improve customer service by keeping associates on the store floor
  • Reduce supply chain costs by localizing inventory allocation

As brick-and-mortar retailers transform and grow, learn how RFID helps integrate the digital with the physical to create a more personalized customer experience. Complete this form to download the white paper today!