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The right label solution can enable an increase in production efficiency and provide countless other benefits.  Discover how small label changes can align your workflow, and even exceed your KPI goals.
Improve KPIs with Labels. Really!
Inefficient labels impact the productivity of your staff and output. Optimizing your workflows with the right labels can help improve your KPIs. When labels do the work right, you can eliminate workarounds and complexities to reduce time, expenses and waste. One company saved $100,000 with a Zebra labeling solution. You can save, too.

Discover opportunities for improvement with Zebra Certified Supplies:

• Update your labeling specs and technology with labels aligned with your workflows to support production and new IT systems
• Eliminate unneeded manual steps by selecting the right labeling solution for your specific applications
• Find out how the right labeling solution can help you speed up processes and positively impact your bottom line
Christine Weber
In 2006, Christine joined Zebra Technologies to market thermal printing supplies in North and Latin America. During her tenure at Zebra, she has brought supplies to life for enterprises. She has deep knowledge of the wide variety of labeling applications across a wide range of enterprises within Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Transportation & Logistics and the supplies materials (including the facestock, adhesives and ribbons) that provide reliable performance to enable enterprise asset intelligence. Today, Christine is a thermal printing supplies expert and strategic partner to the Global Supplies Product Management and Marketing Teams, in addition to the North America and European sales teams, driving the development of the annual go-to-market plans to achieve supplies growth globally.

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