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Wherever you are in the supply chain, the strict new Tobacco Products Directive is coming into force – and compliance means transforming the way you track and trace products.

Tobacco Supply Chain Challenges

Tobacco Manufacturing

  • Requesting unique IDs to be assigned during production
  • Adding 2D dot-codes to your products
  • Track and report product movement at a packet level

Wholesale and Cash & Carry

  • Tracking packet IDs from the pallet to dispatch
  • Tracking and reporting on returns
  • Reporting on product dispatch including where it has shipped to

Tobacco Distribution

  • Scanning and reporting on incoming products
  • Maintaining unique IDs as pallets are unpacked, mixed and merged
  • Tracking logistics stages like moving packets to different vehicles

Mobile Sales and Merchandising

  • Reporting on the point of sale for each pack
  • Aggregating mobile sales data into the database

Do you understand your obligations?

In our latest guide, understand the Tobacco Products Directive, the funding available and the requirements of a compliant solution.

Working Together to Achieve Great Things

In collaboration with its partners, Zebra will be able to offer a complete solution for the Tobacco Products Directive including: hardware, accessories, cloud-based software and supporting services.

Compliance with solutions that can be integrated into existing operational flows.

Time-saving scanning with devices designed for ease of use throughout the tobacco supply chain.

Support from our Channel Partner network to drive new value through distinct offerings.

Tobacco Products Directive: Respond to New Process Changes

Tobacco Products Directive: Respond to New Process Changes

Tobacco Products Directive: Respond to New Process Changes

From the manufacturer to the retailer, discover the technology that enables you to track and trace tobacco products throughout the supply chain.

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