Simple. Secure. Open to All.
Vaccine Certification
and Verification

To enable safe travel and access to locations we can help you build vaccine certificate and validation solutions that are safe, secure, and open to all. We’re currently working with several national authorities and healthcare agencies on approaches that are:

Physical and digital
Hugely scalable
Trusted – no personal data is identifiable
Interoperable with other solutions

Simple Certificate Creation

For individuals who do not have a smartphone (or prefer not to use one for this purpose), a reliable, secure and easy to provision physical certificate will be essential for proof of vaccination, test results and / or natural immunity. Zebra Technologies has a wide portfolio of printers that can print labels or cards with vaccination credentials securely embedded, to ensure maximum security and minimum fraud risk on the physical certificate.

Partner with us to combat the high risk of fraud that is already evident with paper certificates.

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Simple Certificate Check

Zebra Technologies is built upon over 50 years of experience and innovation in data capture, our market leading portfolio of Android mobile computers and data capture solutions represents our obsession with performance, user experience and security. No more so are these three factors vitally important than in vaccination certificate verification. We want to ensure we work closely with our partners and independent software vendors to protect users data and optimize the verification user experience.

Partner with us to enable vaccination certificate verification.

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Interoperable Solutions

Our solutions use common and open technologies. This ensures that while certificate systems may differ from region-to-region, travellers’ data can always be verified.

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Helpful Insights

We’ll continue to add to our resource library to help build your understanding.

Digital Green Initiatives – Toward a Decentralized Infrastructure

In this blog Zebra’s partner, IOTA, speaks about why distributed ledgers are ideal to securely host vaccine data.

The Good Health Pass Collaboration

This open initiative brings together leading companies and organizations from across sectors to define a blueprint for interoperable digital health pass systems.

COVID-19 Credentials Initiative (CCI)

An open global community looking to deploy and/or help deploy privacy-preserving verifiable credential projects in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and strengthen societies and economies.

The EU’s Digital Green Certificate

The EU explains its approach to the Digital Green Certificate that will be available free of charge, in both digital or paper format.

WHO Health Certificate

The WHO’s Smart Vaccination Group is working to ensure the interoperability of different solutions.

Here For You

Your customers are likely to feel that building a vaccine validation programme is a big challenge. But the enabling technology is straightforward. And together, we have everything customers need to roll out robust, cost-efficient and secure certification solutions with speed and ease.

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