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We Have One Shot to Make Every Dose Count
to End the COVID-19 Pandemic

As billions of people around the world are waiting to be vaccinated, we have the shared responsibility to deliver. Accuracy. Certainty. Assurance. From product development through distribution and storage to patient vaccination, it all centers on temperature monitoring.

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Know the Viability of Every Vial

The temperature requirements may differ, but every vaccine is sensitive to heat. With Zebra’s Temperature Monitoring and Sensing Technology, you can ensure that each dose has been properly maintained at every step of the journey for maximum efficacy.

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Create a sustainable cold chain to the very last mile.

Create a sustainable cold chain to the very last mile.

Distribute doses on a mass scale, minimizing waste.

Distribute doses on a mass scale, minimizing waste.

Deliver visual proof that vaccines have not been damaged by heat.

Deliver visual proof that vaccines have not been damaged by heat.

Deliver Certainty with Solutions that Verify

Provide temperature traceability at every point of the cold chain. Sense, monitor and analyze the data – from shipping containers at the manufacturing and distribution levels down to individual vaccine vials at the point of administration – to provide proof of proper temperature maintenance.

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Temperature Monitoring Temperature Monitoring Device

Boost Confidence with Visual Proof

In a journey of unknowns, provide evidence that each vaccine has met storage requirements and is ready to administer. Build public confidence with vial-level visual evidence that confirms vaccines have been handled according to the specified temperature requirements at each stage.

Read how to Create a Trusted Cold Chain
How to Create a Trusted Cold Chain
Temperature Intelligence Effect

Ensure Flawless Fulfillment at Every Link of the Cold Chain

As pharmaceutical, transportation, technology and healthcare sectors join to bring vaccines to every corner of the world, it’s imperative that product handoffs are seamless to maintain temperature control.

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We Have One Shot To Make Every Dose Count

Make the Most of Every Dose

The world is counting on us. From discarded vaccines due to suspected heat damage to false security from compromised administered doses, the risks are too high to leave vaccine management to chance.

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See how Zebra Solutions can Help Optimize Vaccine Distribution from Production to Patient

It’s been a long road, but we’re so close. At Zebra, we’re here to elevate workers and businesses. Innovating and engineering a broad portfolio of solutions that empower you to go the extra mile with assistive technology at your side. See how we can help you at each phase of distribution and administration.

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