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What if industrial automation could do more than accelerate your operations? The machine vision and fixed industrial scanning solutions from Zebra and Matrox Imaging deliver more than just speed. They provide the market's broadest portfolio to carry your vision from today into the future. We can help you build streamlined solutions that deliver greater flexibility, simplicity and value to your operations.

Meet the Broadest Portfolio of Vision Solutions

Ensure traceability at every stage of your process with incredibly accurate reading on even the fastest, most challenging labels and codes.

Verify quality with remarkable speed and accuracy, far beyond the capabilities of the human eye.

Leverage the consistency, safety and time savings of vision-guided robots to precisely perform tasks autonomously.

Inspect every aspect of any part using 3D vision tools that add a new dimension to quality and accuracy.

Identify subtle differences and hidden defects with deep learning tools that improve the accuracy and speed of object detection and recognition.

Portfolio products Portfolio products

Scale for Any Application and Any Specification

Solve a range of vision challenges, from simple to complex. Effortlessly scale up or across portfolios without having to change providers. Choose from the widest ecosystem of products that grow with your business and give you more control and flexibility across your facility.

Install and Deploy with Ease

Keep expenses and downtime to a minimum. Our interoperable and streamlined solutions save you time and money. They are easy to install, command a smaller footprint and integrate with third-party or existing systems so you can create a truly connected environment.

Future-Proof with Confidence

Grow toward a smarter operation with vision solutions that integrate effortlessly and evolve in pace with your business. Our products adhere to and adapt with industry standards so you can enjoy greater product longevity and safeguard your investments.

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Industrial Automation That Lets You See and Do More

Discover all the ways our machine vision and fixed industrial scanning solutions expand your potential.

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  • Create end-to-end traceability
  • Verify quality faster than the human eye
  • Increase cycle times and precision
  • Identify subtle differences and hidden defects
  • Add a new dimension of accuracy
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The Right Partnership Makes More Possible

With Zebra and Matrox Imaging, the potential is limitless

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Industry leaders with 50+ years of combined experience in industrial automation


A global partner network that reaches across 45 countries


A dedicated Zebra OneCare program with 24/7 service and expert support


A portfolio of 4,400+ patents that showcases our commitment to innovation

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