Warehouse Agility
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Warehousing Vision Study
Dynamic Markets Demand Warehouse Agility
Change is nothing new for warehouse, distribution and fulfillment operators. However, today’s shifting market dynamics require warehouse operations to be more flexible, automated and resilient than ever.

Read Zebra’s Warehousing Vision Study: Dynamic Markets Demand Warehouse Agility to see what trends are moving decision-makers to greater levels of maturity and what warehouse associates consider important in their roles. 
Key Insights
96% of decision-makers are accelerating the timelines of their modernization projects or plan to within a year.

83% of associates report increased productivity as a top benefit of working with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

83% and 89% 83% of decision-makers and 89% of associates agree augmenting labor with software and devices first is the best way to introduce automation into warehouse operations.
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