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Executive Briefings at the Zebra Experience Centre

Learning about Zebra Products in the Zebra Experience Center


In today’s data-centric world, mobility, the cloud and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) are changing the way businesses looks at supply chains, manufacturing lines and employee workflows. And Zebra’s digital technology is delivering actionable insights that can empower a performance edge to those on the front line of business.

The Zebra Experience Centre (ZEC) offers visitors a world-class experience exploring and evaluating Zebra’s extensive portfolio of Enterprise hardware and SaaS solutions across various industries such as Retail, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics in real-life environments.

The ZEC is a leading-edge resource for businesses seeking to understand how they can use the latest technology to transform their business operations. It is so much more than a demonstration space – it’s a place for brainstorming and strategy development.

Whether your visit to the ZEC is in person or virtually, you will be able to spend time with Zebra’s subject matter experts whilst taking part in hands-on demonstrations of Zebra Technologies’ latest products and solutions. You will see how our Enterprise Asset Intelligence (EAI) solutions can introduce you to real-time visibility that will enable you to effectively manage your people and assets and introduce efficiencies that will fundamentally change the way you operate your business.


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The best way to schedule an Executive Briefing is by reaching out directly to your Zebra sales contact. If you need assistance identifying your sales contact, please complete this form and a representative will contact you.

What You Can Expect

A Fully Personalized Experience

Your time is valuable. That’s why our team will work with you directly to pinpoint your meeting objectives ahead of your visit. Then we’ll plan the briefing sessions with appropriate subject matter experts and tailor the tour to match your specific strategic needs.

Rich Insights Into Industry Trends

Your industry is evolving, and so are your needs. Our teams regularly conduct and review market research on each of the industries we serve to provide you a deep review of the important trends that are likely to impact your business. Then we can discuss how you can best respond to them to capture and preserve your edge for the years to come.

Access to Subject Matter Experts

Whether you want to have a deep discussion on a particular part of the Zebra portfolio, a broader conversation about the future of the IIoT or address a specific workflow inefficiency in your processes, we’ll bring the right experts to the table.

Unfettered Access to the Latest Innovations from Zebra and our Partners

Our Zebra Experience Centres feature our most recent products, solutions and services, along with complementary offers from some of our 10,000 trusted channel partners from across the globe. During your visit, you will be able to touch, see and experience these solutions first-hand and, with an NDA in place, you can also gain exclusive access to not-yet-released solutions and explore some of our labs, testing facilities, and more.



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