Take Command of On-Demand Orders

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Do these inventory challenges
sound familiar?

Time-consuming cycle counts

Time-consuming cycle counts

Is outdated technology or paper-based systems throwing off the inventory count?

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Inaccurate inventory

Inaccurate inventory

Are your workers wasting time finding misplaced inventory?

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Inventory hiding in plain sight

Inventory hiding in plain sight

Do mislabeled items get misplaced and cause a tracking nightmare?

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Right-size inventory with
real-time tracking

  • Stop searching, start fulfilling

    Reduce downtime by knowing every asset’s location and condition.

  • Finish counts without manually counting

    Achieve high inventory accuracy by automating asset tracking.

  • Avoid out-of-stocks and overstocks

    Use real-time data to uncover trends and your ordering processes.

A place for everything, and
everything in its place

Get inventory in check with the most advanced location technology.