How intelligent
is your business?

Cloud computing, mobility and the Internet of Things can help you handle your customers’ requests faster and increase productivity. But is your business leveraging the full advantages or are more investments needed? Find out by answering this quick six-question assessment.

Once you’ve completed the assessment, you’ll receive a score and immediate access to additional content to help your business grow digitally.


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Thank you for taking the Intelligent Enterprise Assessment.
Here are your results:


Sensing what’s going on in your operation gives you greater visibility.


Analyzing the data you capture provides actionable insights.


Leveraging analysis and mobility you can optimize your operations in real time.

Your results show you are lagging behind your industry in the adoption of visibility solutions.

Your enterprise could benefit from technologies that enable data capture and real-time responses in your operations, such as RFID, barcode scanning and mobile computing. These solutions would help you find efciencies in your processes and deployment of your resources.

Your results indicate you have
good visibility into your operations.

However, there are likely opportunities for better management of your technology assets, including location, utilization and performance status. Additionally, the capture of key data within your operation could be leveraged for actionable insights.

Your results indicate a
highly Intelligent Enterprise.

However, the analysis of key data could be leveraged for actionable insights and real-time adjustments to your operations. This would help you minimize downtimes and boost customer satisfaction, ROI and growth potential.